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How S-2’s Team Makes Freight IQ Work for You

Freight IQ is an innate understanding that goes beyond mere knowledge and experience, allowing freight logistics professionals to think creatively and find optimal solutions even in complex situations. Freight IQ is built upon years of training and immersion in the business, enabling the S-2 team to navigate the intricacies of routing, carrier selection, disaster recovery planning, and more. 

At S-2, Freight IQ is a defining characteristic of their business and service model. In this series of blog articles, we will explore the importance of Freight IQ and how it empowers the S-2 team to excel. We will delve into various aspects of Freight IQ, including handling special requests, optimizing processes, managing unexpected challenges, and building lasting customer relationships. Throughout the series, we’ll shed light on the significance of Freight IQ in delivering exceptional logistics solutions and how it sets S-2 apart from their competition.

In this article, we will showcase real-world examples and insights to illustrate the power of Freight IQ. We will dive into the experiences and expertise of the S-2 team, highlighting their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and creative approaches to logistics challenges. From the initial stages of shipment booking and tracking to addressing unique customer requirements, we will illustrate how Freight IQ guides decision-making, enables efficient resource allocation, and ultimately results in seamless logistics operations.

The Essence of Freight IQ at S-2 

S-2 hires individuals with Freight IQ in mind. They seek candidates who possess the ability to learn adaptively, people who are natural problem-solvers and critical thinkers. S-2 fosters Freight IQ development through their comprehensive training program and encourages team members to enhance their skills as they progress to different levels of account management. By investing in uniquely qualified freight experts, S-2 ensures that their team can build lasting relationships with clients by going above and beyond to solve problems and ensure smooth shipments.

Unlike many freight logistics providers, S-2 doesn't simply focus on individual transactions. They go beyond merely transactional service, striving to build loyalty and long-term relationships with their customers by consistently delivering exceptional service that suits their specific needs. Freight IQ plays a crucial role in this approach. S-2 team members think beyond winning a single shipment and consider the bigger picture, always aiming for the best possible results for their clients by thinking creatively and using every available tool and resource.

Examples of Freight IQ in Action

Freight IQ comes into play in nearly every scenario and interaction at S-2, particularly in booking and tracking processes. Team members utilize their Freight IQ to assess several factors, including freight dimensions, distance from the shipper, required service characteristics at origin and destination, and the need for special equipment to complete the job effectively. By considering the overall transit distance, S-2 can determine the condition or driver types needed for successful delivery.

Let's take a look at some real-world examples to illustrate how Freight IQ benefits both S-2 and their customers.

Example 1: Beyond the Typical Approach

Imagine a customer needs to ship a 500 lbs, 48x40x36-inch package from Kalamazoo, MI, to Atlanta, GA, that requires a dock high delivery or a liftgate service with inside delivery within a strict 16-hour timeframe. A typical approach may involve quoting a straight truck option or using less-than-truckload (LTL) services, which wouldn't meet the time requirement without incurring additional cost using Team Driver service. 

An S-2 team member with Freight IQ would explore alternatives. They might suggest using a non-DOT-regulated vehicle, such as a cargo or sprinter van, to carry the freight at a lower rate per mile. To handle the final 50 miles and accommodate any necessary equipment like a lift gate and pallet jack, the freight can be cross-docked onto a straight truck. 

Whereas other transportation providers would just quote a straight truck for the entire trip, this creative solution not only meets the customer's time requirements but also saves them significant costs.

Example 2: Thinking Creatively

Consider a customer who needs to transport a piece measuring 48x40x82 inches. However, the customer's time constraints pose a challenge as using a truck with an 82-inch high clearance won't meet the delivery deadline without incurring the cost of Team Driver service. This is where someone with Freight IQ steps in and asks a crucial question: "Can it lay down?"

By thinking outside the box, the Freight IQ expert realizes that if the piece can be laid down during transport, it opens up new possibilities. Instead of relying on a truck with specific clearance requirements, they suggest using a cargo or sprinter van. These non-DOT-regulated vehicles can offer a more economical transportation rate and have the advantage of being able to maintain a constant speed of 50 mph, traveling up to 1,000 miles with a solo driver.

Many logistics companies may approach scenarios like these in an overly literal manner, adhering strictly to what is asked without exploring alternative possibilities. However, S-2’s Freight IQ professionals go the extra mile, seeking to surpass expectations and find the optimal solution. That is why S-2 is your Solution Source.

The Power of Freight IQ

The ability to think flexibly, critically, and creatively, while being attuned to unique requirements, is what sets S-2’s Freight IQ professionals apart. They excel at finding unique solutions pre-transit, in transit, and post-transit. They can quickly identify the right truck with the necessary equipment and handle specialized needs. 

From ensuring the right manpower for handling to coordinating pickup and delivery schedules, S-2’s experts meticulously plan and execute freight transportation within the required timeframe. Additionally, in the event of any unexpected issues along the way, Freight IQ professionals are skilled at swiftly pivoting and finding innovative solutions.


Freight IQ is a defining characteristic of S-2's business and service model. Through their deep understanding of the logistics industry and their commitment to developing freight experts, the S-2 team's Freight IQ allows them to think beyond conventional approaches, ensuring smooth shipments, cost savings, and long-term customer satisfaction.

To experience the benefits of Freight IQ firsthand, contact S-2 for more information, arrange a demo of their full-service Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP), or schedule a call to learn more about becoming a customer of S-2. In the next article of this series, we will explore how S-2's Freight IQ enables them to handle special requests, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service at every turn.