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How S-2's Passion for Problem Solving Drives Specialization

When it comes to finding the right freight management and shipping solutions provider, look no further than S-2international. S-2 goes above and beyond typical brokerage services, and is invested in its customers for long-term success. With their specialized capabilities and unwavering dedication to solving customer problems, S-2 stands out as a trusted partner in the logistics industry. From their inception, S-2 has focused on providing comprehensive solutions, living up to their namesake-Solution Source (S-2). 

This is the third article in a six-part series discussing the unique service offerings and the technology-rich, human-powered business approach S-2international brings to their customers. In this article, we will delve into S-2's solutions-based approach to freight management and explore how their commitment to problem solving puts them leagues ahead of their competition.

Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond Shipping 

At S-2, the team doesn't just focus on arranging pickups or choosing transportation modes. They take a holistic approach to each shipment, considering its unique requirements and determining the best mode, carrier, and price, as well as arranging any special services that will enhance the delivery experience. S-2's expertise lies in the behind-the-scenes work – backed by unparalleled freight IQ – that ensures customer success. They make it their mission to help customers make informed routing decisions, ensuring quality and on-time delivery.

Passion for Problem Solving

"No" or "we can't" is not part of S-2's vocabulary. Their specialized capabilities enable them to create extraordinary logistics solutions, even for the most challenging shipments. While they may not always have the exact fit, S-2 always offers viable options instead of turning customers away. Their team possesses a genuine passion for solving customer problems and a resolute drive to make their lives easier. This "yes we can" approach sets S-2 apart from other transportation providers.

Going Above and Beyond

S-2 is known for going the extra mile to meet customer needs. For instance, if a customer requires packaging for their freight but lacks the resources, S-2 team members have personally driven to customer sites to provide packaging solutions. If no one is available to hand deliver these materials, S-2 maintains a network of crating and packaging providers throughout the U.S. to ensure comprehensive service.

To illustrate S-2's white-glove service, let's consider a custom builder needing high-end shingles transported to a beachfront construction site on Hilton Head Island. S-2 arranged shipping transportation on a flatbed. However, due to the narrow sandy road, the flatbed couldn't access the site. S-2 swiftly found an accessible route and coordinated a forklift to move each pallet of shingles from the truck to the job site. This is just one example of the ways in which S-2 is committed to finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges.

Proactive Communication and Trust

S-2's commitment to proactive communication is their claim to fame. They strive to provide updates every four hours, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises. If a client requires more frequent updates, S-2 willingly accommodates their preferences, even providing one-hour or 30-minute updates towards the end of a shipment. S-2 understands that trust is paramount, especially when an ordinary provider falls short. They are the go-to choice for projects with a high degree of difficulty or challenge.

Your Partner for Stress-Free Shipment Sourcing

S-2international's passion for problem solving and specialization in freight management make them an exceptional partner for any logistics needs. Their comprehensive solutions, white-glove service, and dedication to customer success set them leagues above other brokers and 3PLs. Whether it's handling time-critical shipments or providing concierge-level service, S-2 goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. When minutes matter and trust is of the essence, you can rely on S-2 for the results you require every time.

Reach out to S-2 for more information or to arrange a demo, and stay tuned for our next article exploring S-2's technological differentiators and their commitment to innovative freight management.