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Freight IQ + High-Level Tech = Comprehensive Shipping Solutions

In order to navigate the intricacies and complexities involved in shipping and freight forwarding, where the success of each shipment relies on a multitude of fluid variables, it is crucial that your logistics provider is able to meet every challenge proactively. At S-2, their highly trained team’s Freight IQ allows them to approach every shipping hurdle with a fusion of industry expertise, innovative problem-solving, and intuitive thinking.

Human ingenuity, while the cornerstone of S-2’s success, is only as powerful as the high-level technology they’ve put in place. S-2 deploys cutting-edge technology to create a strategic advantage that complements their Freight IQ-driven approach. By leveraging systems like their signature Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP), they can add value and improve efficiency to every shipping transaction. Their use of intelligent email tools integrated with the enterprise-level intuitive CRM, HubSpot, streamlines customer experiences, enhances quality, and creates an environment where innovation and service converge.  

Freight IQ is an approach that transforms how S-2 uses their technology from mere algorithms into potent tools that are backed by an exceptional team with a profound understanding of the industry and a genuine passion for what they do. 

In this fourth article in our series exploring the advantages of Freight IQ for S-2’s customers, we delve into how S-2's highly trained team members don't just use technology; they amplify its impact with their Freight IQ, turning it into a powerful tool that reshapes the logistics landscape. It's this fusion that amplifies the exceptional service they provide, making S-2 not just a logistics company but a tech-driven logistics powerhouse.


Harnessing Technology to Enhance Freight IQ


Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP): Optimizing Outcomes

S-2's innovative Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP) is the keystone of their tech-focused, human-powered strategy. TOP seamlessly integrates S-2’s deep industry knowledge with its innovative features, creating a dynamic platform that streamlines shipping processes and optimizes outcomes. By leveraging competitive rates across diverse modes and providers, TOP connects customers to a comprehensive range of options, aligning perfectly with S-2's commitment to tailored shipping solutions. With its secure access, TOP allows you to harness the power of Freight IQ by effortlessly quoting, booking, and tracking shipments. This synergy of technology and expertise ensures not only time savings but also informed decision-making as you explore rate comparisons, transit times, and historical reports. 


Seamless Communication: The Intelligent Email Advantage

Technology, when aligned with an innate Freight IQ, takes communication to new heights. S-2 employs intelligent email tools that empower measured and efficient responses, and assigns email automations to customers for each shipment, ensuring full transparency, prompt response, and real-time tracking. If there are any issues at any stage of the shipping process, every communication is stored and tagged for easy reference, enabling S-2 to deliver on their promise of the highest level of service.


HubSpot CRM: Elevating Customer Relationships

In the digital age, customer relationship management is paramount. S-2 integrates HubSpot CRM, a versatile solution designed for B2B enterprises, to enhance sales, marketing, and customer interactions. Backed by their Freight IQ-trained team, this technology drives more personalized and effective engagements, ensuring that your needs are not just met but exceeded.


Safety and Insurance: Tools for Enhanced Partner Selection

A vigilant eye on safety and insurance is crucial when selecting partner carriers. S-2 deploys tools like RMIS and Carrier 411 to meticulously review, real-time, the credentials of its partner carriers. This rigorous evaluation, powered by both technology and Freight IQ insights, guarantees that your shipments are entrusted to carriers that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.


Diverse TMS Systems: Addressing Varied Needs

Not all transportation management systems (TMS) fit every service line. S-2 understands that a one-size-fits-all solution rarely works in the complex world of logistics. That’s why they employ multiple TMS systems to cater to a range of customer needs and a variety of modes. But it's not just about the tech; each system is underpinned by active human involvement. This integration of technology and expertise ensures complete visibility during transit, access to proof of delivery, and versatile reporting options – an embodiment of comprehensive shipping solutions guided by Freight IQ.


Cybersecurity and Financial Insight

S-2 is unwavering in their commitment to customer protection; for them,  embracing technology extends to safeguarding against cyber threats. S-2 deploys an arsenal of the latest in cybersecurity tools throughout its systems, creating a strong barrier to fend off bad actors no matter where they are. Further, S-2 insures its receivables, a practice that fosters a deeper understanding of the financial position of their customers, facilitated through online credit resources. This multifaceted approach reinforces the symbiotic relationship between tech, Freight IQ, and customer welfare.


Strategic Insights: Analyzing the Bigger Picture

At S-2, technology isn't just about individual tools – it's about a holistic view of operations. By analyzing data from all sources, from customer trends to pricing dynamics, S-2 extracts insights that empower informed decision-making. This synthesis of technology and Freight IQ knowledge not only propels S-2's success but elevates the entire industry.



S-2's dedication to innovation isn't merely a plug-and-play algorithm. It's driven by people who care for and profoundly understand the industry and their role in making it a better, more efficient space for their customers. Their strategic approach to technology complements S-2’s Freight IQ-driven philosophy, delivering not just logistics solutions, but an exceptional service experience. 

S-2’s team doesn't merely use technology. They amplify its impact to reshape the logistics landscape. This synergy ensures that S-2 is not just a logistics company but a tech-driven logistics powerhouse, delivering holistic, tech-enabled solutions that elevate the industry's standards.

To experience the comprehensive shipping solutions that emerge from this blend of tech and expertise, reach out to S-2. Stay tuned as our series continues, uncovering how S-2 achieves cost-effective shipping without compromising on quality.