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How S-2 Leverages Freight IQ to Provide Innovative Shipping Solutions

In the fast-paced world of direct shipping and freight forwarding, S-2’s customers face a myriad of challenges when it comes to efficiently moving their goods from one place to another. As a leading logistics provider renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional service, S-2 employs the power of Freight IQ to provide out-of-the-box and creative solutions to solve even the most complex shipping issues.

Freight IQ is the compass that guides the S-2 team through the intricate web of logistics processes to ensure optimal outcomes for their customers every time. Relying on cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity, the logistics professionals at S-2 use their ingrained Freight IQ to navigate complexities such as mode & carrier selection, disaster recovery planning, and more, enabling them to devise the best shipping solutions, even in the most challenging situations.

In this second article in our six-part series exploring the ways Freight IQ helps define S-2’s business and service model, we delve into the tangible ways that S-2 utilizes Freight IQ to handle special requests and meet challenging shipping needs for our valued customers.

Special Services That Set S-2 Apart 

Before diving into specific examples, let's highlight some of the special services that rely on Freight IQ, and have earned S-2 its stellar reputation. 

  • Constant Surveillance: For customers moving proprietary or critical documents and equipment, S-2 employs constant surveillance and heightened security measures to safeguard valuable shipments.
  • Pre-call Notifications: S-2 goes the extra mile to provide pre-call notifications, keeping customers informed every step of the way. This shipment notice allows for advanced preparation for import clearance and delivery arrangements. 
  • Precise Delivery Coordination: S-2’s team excels in coordinating shipments that require delivering freight to a specific person at a particular location at an exact time, providing an unparalleled level of precision.
  • Visual Confirmation: To offer peace of mind and based on shipment requirements, S-2 provides photographic evidence of freight at pickup and delivery.  This value-added service verifies the healthy condition of freight at loading & unloading, and also ensures the proper freight has been loaded. This photographic proof can aid in mitigating claims of damage.
  • White Glove Services: For specialized shipments, we offer white glove services including but not limited to protective packaging, uncrating, inside delivery, light assembly, and debris removal. Temperature monitoring, tilt detection, time specificity and other higher level offerings are all part of S-2’s white glove service.
  • Proactive Milestone Tracking: S-2 understands the importance of freight visibility and provides proactive, 4-hour location updates on all expedited shipments.  Need more frequent updates?  No problem.  We can accommodate you!
  • Secured Building Access: We can arrange security code access to buildings for delivering freight to secured locations or unmanned facilities.

Specific Examples of Freight IQ in Action

Let's explore some real-world examples of how S-2's team employs their Freight IQ to meet unique requests, handle demanding projects, and navigate challenging circumstances:

Beachside Forklift Operation

In one instance, a customer needed pallets of specialty shingles transported from the northeast to coastal South Carolina. Knowing the flatbed would not be able to complete delivery to the job site due to narrow, sanded beach roads, S-2's Freight IQ experts swiftly devised a plan. They coordinated pick up on a standard flatbed to deliver to a paved lot within a several block vicinity to the final destination. Next they arranged a forklift that met the truck at the lot, and then moved the pallets of shingles safely along the beachside roads to the building job site. Such ingenious problem-solving showcases S-2's commitment to going above and beyond for our customers.

Overnight Remodels and Early Morning Deliveries

Sometimes, work needs to be done when businesses are typically closed. This is the case, for example, of retail sites changing out store displays. With work crews scheduled when the store is closed for business, S-2 works to ensure delivery to sites at specific times and to specific crew members to accommodate their work schedules and avoid services being performed at peak times. Details are precisely managed for proper timing, delivery contact, and specialized equipment/service needed (like pallet jack, two-man, or inside delivery). This attention to detail means S-2 avoids mistakes like delivering freight to a common area where it might not make it to the intended point of contact in time for the crew to work in the hours required. Whether it's overnight remodels or early morning deliveries for store displays, S-2's Freight IQ allows them to go beyond what the common carrier can do, ensuring timely and efficient operations. By working closely with our customers and carriers, we minimize disruptions and ensure that deadlines are met seamlessly, even during off-hours.

ATMs and Gambling Machines:

To ensure secure transportation of ATMs and gambling machines, S-2's Freight IQ experts will secure a specialized truck with specific features. These trucks must have no side door access, a solid enclosure behind the cab, and rear-access with swing doors and seals. S-2's Freight IQ enables us to identify the right carriers who are equipped with these specialized trucks, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transport for highly valuable items.

Specialized Deliveries for Government and Military

S-2's Freight IQ shines in handling deliveries with strict requirements, such as providing drivers who are U.S. citizens with clean records for government and military-based shipments. S-2 also offers heightened security provisions when necessary for sensitive cargo.

Sporting Events and Championship Merchandise

For sporting events and sporting goods retailers, timing is everything. S-2 stages equipment in advance, loads trucks for the winning team's merchandise immediately after the victory, and coordinates with carriers to minimize costs for merchandise related to the losing team.

The Power of Freight IQ

The ability to think flexibly, critically, and creatively, while being attuned to unique requirements, is what sets S-2’s Freight IQ professionals apart. They excel at finding unique solutions pre-transit, in transit, and post-transit. They can quickly identify the right truck with the necessary equipment and handle specialized needs. 

From ensuring the right manpower for handling to coordinating pickup and delivery schedules, S-2’s experts meticulously plan and execute freight transportation within the required timeframe. Additionally, in the event of any unexpected issues along the way, Freight IQ professionals are skilled at swiftly pivoting and finding innovative solutions.


At S-2, Freight IQ is not just a buzzword; it is the foundation of our commitment to providing innovative shipping solutions for small to medium-sized direct shippers and freight forwarders. Our ability to handle special requests, meet challenging projects, and adapt to demanding circumstances stems from our team's innate understanding of logistics and creative problem-solving skills. Whether it's a coastal beach delivery or shipping merchandise for sporting events and concerts, S-2's Freight IQ empowers us to deliver exceptional service with heart and meet our customers' unique shipping needs.

For more information or to experience the benefits of Freight IQ firsthand, contact S-2 to arrange a demo for our full-service Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP), or to schedule a meeting to learn more about becoming a customer of S-2. In the next article of this series, we will explore how S-2's Freight IQ ensures the utmost protection for your shipments, providing unparalleled security and peace of mind.