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How S-2’s Diverse Team Creates a Focus on People & Relationships

At S-2 International, we recognize that diversity is not just a checkbox to mark off; it is a powerful catalyst for innovation, growth, and success. The leaders at S-2 believe that a diverse team brings together a tapestry of experiences, perspectives, and talents, creating a dynamic ecosystem where ideas flourish and boundaries are shattered. It is an essential element that drives our success and sets us apart from other companies.

As part of our six-part series on S-2international and its differentiators, we delve into the rich history of this women-owned and women-led organization. S-2, founded by CEO and owner Jennifer Mead, not only emphasizes customer relationships but also embraces diversity as a fundamental aspect of their vision. In this article, we explore the impact of S-2's diverse team on the customer experience.

Woman-Owned Business Recognition 

S-2international takes pride in being recognized as a certified woman-owned business by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This acknowledgment demonstrates their commitment to empowering women in the business world and promoting gender equality in the industry.  

S-2's dedication to excellence has earned them multiple accolades, including being recognized as a top women-owned business in transportation by Women in Trucking. In addition, S-2 has been honored as a top Woman-Owned Business to Work For, while Jennifer Mead, the visionary behind S-2, has herself been acknowledged as a Woman-to-Watch in Transportation. These achievements highlight the outstanding leadership and vision that drives S-2's success.

Beyond Woman-Owned: Total Diversity

While being a woman-owned business is a significant aspect of their identity, S-2 goes beyond that by actively fostering total diversity. The leadership team at S-2international understands that true diversity encompasses more than just gender. They embrace diversity in all its forms and celebrate the unique contributions that individuals from different backgrounds bring to our organization.

One facet of this diversity is age. S-2international recognizes that age should never be a barrier to hiring the best person for the job. Over 40% of their team members are over the age of 40, showcasing their commitment to leveraging the expertise and experience of seasoned professionals. By embracing individuals at different stages of their careers, S-2 creates a vibrant and inclusive work environment that values wisdom, mentorship, and continuous learning.

Committed to Diversity

At S-2international, diversity isn’t about buzzwords or quotas; it’s about a commitment to equity and inclusivity that is deeply ingrained in the company culture. More than 50% of the S-2 team comprises women, highlighting their dedication to gender diversity and our belief in equal opportunities for all.

Beyond gender parity, 75% of S-2 team members qualify as "diverse" based on gender, race, and sexual orientation. The company holds the bedrock belief that diversity should be intersectional, encompassing a broad range of identities and backgrounds. This commitment to diversity and inclusion fosters a vibrant and collaborative environment where unique perspectives thrive, allowing them to provide innovative solutions to their clients' needs.

Driving Customer Experience through Diversity

S-2 International's diverse team brings a wide range of experiences and specialties to the table. These distinct perspectives are invaluable when it comes to problem-solving and relationship building, both crucial elements in providing an exceptional customer experience. Our team's ability to approach challenges from various angles, draw on their diverse backgrounds, and tap into their collective knowledge ensures that S-2international delivers innovative and customized solutions that meet and exceed their clients' expectations.


Diversity is an integral part of S-2international’s identity and mission. As a woman-owned and women-led organization, they pride themselves on fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, and stand out in the freight transportation industry not only for their commitment to customer relationships but also for their dedication to inclusivity. This diverse workforce, consisting of individuals from different age groups, genders, races, and sexual orientations, creates a dynamic environment where unique perspectives thrive.

We invite you to learn more about how S-2international's unique approach can benefit your business or to arrange a demo. Contact us today to experience firsthand how our commitment to diversity drives innovation, fosters strong relationships, and ultimately enhances the customer experience. 

Stay tuned for the final article in our series, where we will provide an overview of S-2international's premier services and how they can elevate your freight management needs. Together, let's embark on a journey of diversity and excellence in transportation services.