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What Makes S-2 Unique?

Many times, "high tech" also means "low service." At S-2international, we believe our high technology enhances our even higher standards of customer care and service quality. Our transportation management services address each customer's shipping needs and extend far beyond just getting their cargo where it needs to be.

During the life-cycle of each shipment, S-2 tends to every detail, from timeliness of pickup, through multiple milestone checks regardless of mode, to its final delivery, wherever in the world that may be.

Customers, big, small, new or long-standing, receive an accurate, comprehensive, and speedy response to every quote request either direct from our Logistics Specialists or through our high-tech, proprietary Transportation Optimization Portal (TOP). Our focus, consistency, and responsiveness to all of our customers is evidence of our commitment to being the finest managed transportation service provider in the industry.  

This is the first of six articles we're presenting that explain how we go about our business, offering best-in-class transportation logistics driven with our heartfelt obligation to provide the best customer service possible.

TOP Technology To Serve Our Customers' Needs

Our TOP offering is one of the many assets that set us apart from our competition. TOP facilitates access to hundreds of shipping options that most organizations don’t have time to aggregate for themselves. In addition to TOP, we use an extensive array of technology to ensure exceptional carrier vetting and superior shipment, booking, and tracking to protect your shipments throughout their transport journey. S-2 uses these tools to closely monitor all of our services. We also utilize a myriad of communications tools to ensure we – and you – are always informed about the status of your shipment.

S-2 goes further, though, in our pursuit of exceptional customer service, by coupling TOP and our many other tools with our unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal for every shipment is to ensure that our customers experience the highest quality of service, from the selection of carrier and detail of transport, through comprehensive communication throughout the cargo journey, to timely and damage-free delivery. 

We believe these attributes – superior communication and attention to detail – underscore our true "claim to fame." They reveal our core values that emphasize proactivity, integrity, quality, and authenticity for every shipment, every time. Our customer service focus combined with cutting-edge technology defines our company's character and secures the loyalty of our customer base. 

Technology + Heart = S-2

Our technology isn't just state-of-the-art – it’s powered by humans, and we leverage that unique capability at every step of your shipment: 

  • Maintaining exceptional communication with our customers is key. We ask detailed questions about your needs during the quoting process and provide available options we think best suit your needs. Have sensitive freight? We will review packaging and any special needs for loading to ensure safe transit. We review other key details like pick up window, directions to shipper, special handling, time specificity of delivery, and more. We then follow up at dispatch to ensure we have things right. When details don’t match or something is amiss, we immediately contact you to keep you apprised and provide a potential remedy for the situation. 

  • To meet every customer's needs, we've employed freight management technology to enhance all aspects of the shipping process, from contract establishment through final delivery and all steps in between. Our shipment tracking services are S-2’s claim to fame. Our tracking begins at the time of shipment award, with milestone updates carefully reviewed and shipments followed through to delivery. No matter how complex or routine the shipment, we diligently manage it to success. Our customers trust our process, and when service matters, S-2 is their number one choice.

  • We are also careful to note and attend to industry-specific challenges to ensure they don't interfere with our customers’ shipments. Our drayage service, for example, can eliminate many problems because it focuses on the shortest but most complex stage of the transport process. Drayage can present challenges because it’s easy for smaller shipments to get lost in the shuffle when shipped with larger package volumes. We heighten our drayage tracking procedures during this phase to ensure your cargo is handled correctly as it winds its way to its final conveyance option. 

  • S-2 is committed to maintaining a low claims ratio. We have carefully vetted all the carriers with whom we work to help ensure safe transit.  We back that up through our above-standard insurance coverages and additional insurance offerings. 

Better Oversight = Peace of Mind

Yes, our level of logistics oversight is significant. However, we've built our business on the belief that every customer that engages with S-2 deserves to receive our best, every time. To that end, S-2 keeps a vigilant eye on each shipment by maintaining an extensive team of Tracking Specialists. In fact, S-2 employs a greater percentage of support and tracking personnel than our booking and sales team! Most companies focus on winning shipments. We believe it’s our successful management of shipments that WINS shipments. 

As a premium transportation management provider, S-2 can review your shipping needs in depth, and help you make the best decisions. If that means choosing another provider, we are OK with that, but we find our approach to business often means customers choose S-2. We can arrange an introductory call and/or demo of our TOP system that fits easily into your calendar, so call us today. And keep your eye on our next blog, where we’ll dive into how our premier service features – safety, quality, and security – can ease your shipping concerns.