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S-2: Powered by Tech, Backed By Humans

S-2international understands the importance of technology in streamlining the customer experience, improving quality, adding value, and differentiating themselves in the marketplace. However, they recognize that technology should never overshadow the personal attention that is an integral part of every step. At S-2, technology is not an end in itself but a means to enhance the customer journey, powered by people.

This is the fourth article in a six-part series discussing the various benefits that S-2 brings to the table for customers, from their unique service offerings to their technology-based, human-backed business approach. In this article, we will explore S-2's technological differentiators and how their commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation grants customers the best freight management experiences.

Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP) 

S-2's Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP) exemplifies their focus on technology that adds value and improves efficiency. Accessible through a single portal, TOP provides a centralized location to review rates and transit times across different transportation modes and providers. Customers can easily book their selections through the same portal, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Intelligent Email Tools for Prompt Responses

S-2 leverages intelligent email tools to facilitate prompt and detailed responses to customer inquiries. These tools enable their team to efficiently manage and prioritize emails, ensuring that every customer receives the attention and information they need in a timely manner. By leveraging technology in this way, S-2 enhances communication and ensures a seamless customer experience.

HubSpot CRM for Enhanced Customer Relationships

To drive sales and marketing, and to improve customer relationships, S-2 utilizes the industry-leading HubSpot CRM, the most intuitive CRM solution for B2B businesses. HubSpot empowers their team with a comprehensive set of tools to manage customer interactions, track communication, and provide personalized experiences. By leveraging this technology, S-2 strengthens their customer relationships and delivers exceptional service.

Safety and Insurance Evaluation with Specialized Tools

S-2's commitment to proactive communication is their claim to fame. They strive to provide updates every four hours, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises. If a client requires more frequent updates, S-2 willingly accommodates their preferences, even providing one-hour or 30-minute updates towards the end of a shipment. S-2 understands that trust is paramount, especially when an ordinary provider falls short. They are the go-to choice for projects with a high degree of difficulty or challenge.

Your Partner for Stress-Free Shipment Sourcing

S-2international's passion for problem solving and specialization in freight management make them an exceptional partner for any logistics needs. Their comprehensive solutions, white-glove service, and dedication to customer success set them leagues above other brokers and 3PLs. Whether it's handling time-critical shipments or providing concierge-level service, S-2 goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. When minutes matter and trust is of the essence, you can rely on S-2 for the results you require every time.

Reach out to S-2 for more information or to arrange a demo, and stay tuned for our next article exploring S-2's technological differentiators and their commitment to innovative freight management.