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Quality & Peace of Mind: The Heart of S-2’s Offerings

"Freight off your dock. Weight off your shoulders." That's our motto at S-2international. We offer all our customers tailored transportation solutions that save them money, time, and headaches. Our attention to detail is unequaled, and our high-quality transportation management services give all our customers the peace of mind that comes when they know their cargo is in the best hands possible as it makes its way to its final destination.

This is our second of six articles discussing all the ways that S-2 differs from its competitors in the logistics industry. Read on to learn more about the proactive measures S-2 takes to ensure peace of mind at every stage of the shipping process.

Offering Security in an Insecure World 

The global pandemic opened the eyes of people around the world to the fragility of today's supply chains and commercial transportation systems. Virtually every product that required shipping was at risk of shortages or non-availability, with toilet paper leading the pack, followed closely by automotive and healthcare products. Suddenly, every business that shipped goods anywhere was clamoring for some form of security that their product would arrive at its destination safely, securely, and on time.

Fortunately, S-2 has already demonstrated mastery in those service details. We provide our customers with high-quality support and proactive service to ensure the safe delivery of every package, every time. 

Low Claims Numbers Indicate High-Quality Services

How do you know which transportation management service providers are delivering with consistent quality? One way to measure that performance is to examine the number of insurance claims made against the carrier or provider.

General cargo or freight insurance coverage policies protect shipments from damage or loss that might occur with any payload. Damage caused by accidents during transit, unforeseen environmental circumstances, or even thefts can be expensive, and insurance can help defray those costly losses.

Higher claims numbers, however, may indicate faulty carrier vetting or safety protocols. Low claims numbers, on the other hand, are a sign that your transportation partner takes a measured and focused approach to managing the safety and security of your freight. 

At S-2, we are diligent in the vetting and tracking of the performance of all carriers with whom we do business. Our extensive virtual fleet includes transportation services across multiple modes, including ground expedite, truckload, drayage, specialized equipment, and air. 

Our exhaustive vetting of these providers ensures that the quality of their services matches the quality of our own. We know that shipping companies that demonstrate a high level of attention to the care of the goods they transport will have low insurance claims numbers attesting to that fact. It is also critical to review length of time in business, a carrier’s specific securement processes, insurance coverage, word-of-mouth reviews, customer input, and the level of communication provided. This comprehensive approach means S-2 is helping to set each shipment up for success.

We are acutely aware of our obligation to help protect your goods after you select S-2 to manage your shipping needs. S-2 offers a variety of freight insurance coverages to meet your specific needs: 

  • S-2 has all the standard insurance coverage, including General Liability, Contingent Auto Liability, Contingent Cargo, and Errors & Omissions, to name just a few. 

  • Our insurance coverages for the above supersede industry standards for their limit levels, and we have additional coverages like Excess Liability as well as the opportunity for additional protections on an account-specific basis.

  • We also offer added insurance opportunities for shipments with higher values or unique risks, which is why so many of our customers trust us to safely transport their most sensitive and valuable goods.

  • The industry's top agencies back S-2’s insurance policies because we’ve proven to them that our carrier vetting services, comprehensive carrier agreements, shipment tracking, and overarching terms and conditions are the best in class for the transportation management industry. 

High Visibility Assures Customer Peace of Mind

Of course, no transportation customer wants to experience any delays or damage arising from the transportation of their products. S-2 knows that and offers exceptional visibility throughout the shipping process to all its customers. We use a three-part strategy to ensure we've captured and addressed every detail of our customers’ shipping requirements:

  • During shipment quoting our logistics specialists review your shipment’s specifications thoroughly, asking questions to assure accuracy and providing estimates of costs along with quality vetted carriers and multi-modal options when available.

  • Once we've been awarded the shipment, the shipment specifications are sent to our expert dispatch team. The dispatcher reviews the plan thoroughly to ensure accuracy with customer expectations. Written confirmation from the carrier of shipment details – agreeing to customer needs – is required before the shipment can move forward.

  • Carriers must accept electronic tracking via Macropoint, or another acceptable system.

  • The freight then enters S-2's exemplary tracking system. Our tracking specialists follow a detailed Statement of Plan (SOP) that lays out the milestones for each shipment and then collects the data demonstrating SOP compliance. Tracking begins upon dispatch, and S-2 watches the progression to pick up as closely as they do through to delivery.  They are the front line for anticipating and resolving any challenges that might arise to cause delays or other problems during transit.

  • If a hiccup occurs, and they do happen, the tracking team will advise the customer right away of the situation and plan for resolution.

  • Finally, S-2 generates an electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) within minutes of delivery. 

All details of every S-2 shipment are shared with the customer, so they are always aware of the status of their shipment and the safety of their products.

Exceptional Service Quality = Customer Peace of Mind

As we noted above, S-2's motto is "Freight off your dock. Weight off your shoulders," and we honor that assertion in every shipment we accept. You can find out for yourself by contacting us for a demonstration or a chat about your shipping needs. And mark our page; our next blog will discuss our roster of specialized logistics solutions. So what can we help you deliver?