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Why Customers Are Choosing TOP

Welcome to the second article in our series looking at TOP: S-2international's new, innovative Transportation Optimization Platform.

TOP is an advanced metasearch engine solely focused on connecting users to optimal transportation solutions at the best available rates. It provides hundreds of options from carriers, 3PLS, direct from S-2, and customers can input their direct rates as well. Users have a single, secure login. From there, they simply input key info about their shipment to view available options in a filterable format.

Simplifying the ability to find the right shipping choices is a natural extension of S-2international's commitment to excellent service by linking our customers to better transportation offerings while eliminating unnecessary complications.

Advantages of TOP: Why Use This Platform?

One of TOP's key advantages is its ability to provide users with access to S-2’s volume-leveraged shipping rates. These rates, often only available to customers with large shipping volumes, are now accessible to customers of all sizes. This allows a small manufacturer to reduce transportation costs or to compete with bigger competitors. Freight forwarders of all sizes can benefit from our leveraged heavyweight air freight and LTL options.

Using TOP also saves customers time by reducing how long it takes to optimize shipment details for the best combination of service level and price. It makes it easier than ever to compare modes for further savings. 

What provides the S-2 difference? Customers have the reassurance that this system comes directly from the transportation  experts of S-2international. With our commitment to our core values of proactivity, integrity, authenticity, and quality, customers know that the information they're getting is up-to-date, accurate, and highly relevant to their needs. Of course, TOP technology is backed by humans to provide added support, guidance, and expertise. S-2 even offers guaranteed service for its heavyweight air freight service line, further demonstrating our commitment to performance.

Who Is TOP For?

Who could benefit from using TOP? S-2 provides this digital tool for all its customers, but it could be of particular use to small-to-medium companies that face challenges leveraging preferential rates from the carriers they want to work with. As a premium transportation solutions provider, S-2international partners with many carefully vetted LTL providers, 3PL companies, and heavyweight air freight carriers, and grants access to its negotiated rates via TOP. This means companies in many industries can take advantage of the system to maximize savings and improve their logistics strategy. Here are just a few of the industries that can benefit from S-2's powerful TOP system.

Manufacturing Organizations

Small or growing manufacturing companies can manage their budgets with enhanced efficiency by acquiring shipping services at more cost-effective rates. This is vital in an industry that’s constantly under pressure from supply chain issues. Industry Week recently reported that smaller manufacturers should not adopt a “wait and see” attitude regarding the supply chain. In other words, it’s better to act now to make positive changes that could cut costs and improve logistics, to ensure enhanced ROI. Leveraging preferential shipping rates while being able to indicate specific time windows for deliveries is possible with the TOP system.

Tier 2 and 3 Automotive Suppliers 

Tier 2 and 3 automotive suppliers often need time-critical shipping services to ensure production goes ahead as planned. Raw materials from tier 3 suppliers need to reach tier 2 suppliers on time to prevent a breakdown of the supply chain. Tier 2 suppliers then need to find the right shipping options to deliver the parts and components they create to automobile manufacturers. Any delays in pick up, transit, or missed delivery windows can lead to missed deadlines, dissatisfied customers, and damage to the organization's brand reputation. It can also cost thousands of dollars in line-down situations. TOP can help these customers by providing options from numerous carriers, with services including personalized handoffs and expedited delivery.

The Energy Sector 

Minimizing disruptions are critical for companies in the energy sector. TOP, combined with S-2's focus on safety, visibility and planning can help energy firms ensure both urgency and continuity for critical projects and shipments.

Management of Trade Show Shipments  

When goods or display items must arrive at a trade show prior to setup, selecting the right shipping options is essential. Time-sensitive deliveries are a must here, with cargo needing to arrive before the show’s start and within the right window to allow the receiving party to set up their exhibition area — and avoid demurrage fees. With TOP, you can filter results by transit time and price and choose the specialized services you need, so you’re only sifting through options that can match your requirements.

Consult with an S-2 Logistics Specialist to have more detailed planning for multiple shows, or mixed-modes of transport for a single-show to optimize delivery options and price.

With S-2's dedicated tracking team, delivery AND pick up windows will be met, ensuring you make the choice in how your materials are moved, and not show management.

TOP Level Efficiency, Low-Level Hassle

Currently, optimizing your cargo transportation strategy require many time-consuming steps. This may involve multiple calls or emails to several companies to manually compare rates and delivery options. Each query might go through an email, a call, and one or two follow-ups. Normally, there’s a minimum of three touch points per query. That’s just to find an option. If the provider is new to you, now comes the carrier onboarding process, which can be timely and inhibit your ability to source shipments “on the fly.”

Once you find a carrier that provides the benefits you need, it can be easy to choose this provider over and over — especially if you have a great experience with them. However, there’s no guarantee that you’re getting the best service options and shipping rates with each new shipment without more calls or emails.

TOP effectively removes this hassle, empowering customers to view and compare shipping rates and services provided by numerous carriers. It’s the platform that’s transforming the narrative by driving efficiency, visibility, and accountability.

The team at S-2international prides itself on service with heart, and TOP allows us to provide that in an even more innovative and intuitive way. Get in touch if you want to learn more or arrange a demo. Make sure you bookmark our blog, as in our next article, we’ll be taking an in-depth examination of the comprehensive benefits of TOP as a user-friendly tool for finding cost-effective transportation solutions with ease.