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Comprehensive Solutions for International Freight Forwarding | S-2 International

Company Profile

A European-based freight forwarder, the client has 90+ years of experience providing international transport and logistics services. With multiple locations and a dedicated team of over 250 employees, the company’s primary focus is on Latin America. Bolstered by local subsidiaries and a robust network of global partners, the group excels in implementing customer-specific logistics concepts. The dynamics of globalization serve as both a driver and a challenge, as the company moves goods from small boxes and containers to entire charter operations for oversized cargo across the world's trade routes.

Whether by air, land, or sea, the client ensures the swift and reliable delivery of products globally. The company covers the globe, delivering door-to-door solutions from the challenging terrain of the Peruvian Andes to the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert. It tailors its services to meet individual needs, offering fully loaded containers, partial loads, or smaller, more customized cargo transports. Logistical challenges, including special cargo licensing, packaging, and safety for dangerous cargo, are met with expertise. 

Now a third-generation family-owned company, the company is not just a transporter but a strategic partner in supply chain management. With a focus on synchronized inventory cycles, integrated transport management technology, and a commitment to full transparency, they ensure the success of their clients' businesses in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade.

Industry: International Freight Forwarding

International freight forwarding is the backbone of global trade, seamlessly connecting manufacturers and suppliers to markets worldwide. Navigating complex logistics, freight forwarders coordinate the movement of goods via air, sea, or land, optimizing routes, managing customs, and ensuring timely delivery. In an interconnected world, their efficiency is paramount for supply chain success.

Needs & Challenges

During the pandemic and in its immediate aftermath, the client confronted formidable challenges as global supply chains spiraled into disarray. Many companies that had not already established sound relationships with partners prior to the shortages and disruptions found themselves dropped from service. As a result, shippers were left with few options for aligning with new strategic partners, as these vendors were already challenged to supply their existing customers. As the backlog in supply chains compounded, impeding the international movement of cargo, they faced some of their greatest challenges to date, with potentially grave consequences for this family-owned company competing in a global marketplace. Extended delays in supply chains – and the resultant cost as companies racked up thousands in demurrage fees – could threaten to compromise customer satisfaction and erode trust, impacting market position.

How S-2 Helped

Amidst the challenges faced by the client during the pandemic, S-2 emerged as a vital ally that had already done its due diligence in forging connections and relationships. This enabled them to step in to provide invaluable partnership precisely when it mattered most.

  • Strategic Partnerships: S-2 leveraged its strong relationships with its extensive network of partners to establish new collaborations to fill the void for this company and others that found themselves stranded during the pandemic. Their proactive approach ensured a swift response to the client’s urgent need for trustworthy transportation capacity and specialized vendors. Not only did this provide the client with on-time pick up and a reliable solution source during a time of crisis, but their partnership with S-2 enabled them to mitigate costs that others were not able to avoid.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Recognizing the backlog in supply chains, S-2 implemented innovative strategies to streamline cargo movement. These strategies included short drayage pick ups to warehouses to get the freight off the ports, and getting the chassis equipment moving so they could transload the product appropriately. Going beyond just providing a transportation solution, S-2 provided an integrated supply chain solution that mitigated the financial damages the company would have otherwise incurred.  S-2 leveraged its Freight IQ to create short step solutions like this to help bridge the gap, following quickly with recovery options that solved the client’s issue at a fraction of the cost.

  • Regulatory Expertise: In North America, S-2's in-depth understanding of regulations and bureaucratic intricacies proved instrumental. They skillfully navigated the red tape, ensuring compliance and minimizing disruptions, allowing the company to meet deadlines and uphold their commitment to their clients.

S-2's partnership not only mitigated potentially dire consequences but showcased the power of strategic partnerships in fortifying a family-owned company's resilience in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

S-2’s Impact

S-2's swift interventions proved pivotal for this client, mitigating challenges in the disrupted global supply chains. Their strategic partnerships, supply chain optimization, and regulatory expertise provided unique solutions for this client and others, enabling them to successfully navigate the challenging circumstances with minimal disruptions.

During an international crisis, S-2’s established network and Freight IQ enabled them to take action, creating solutions, calling in favors, tracking and managing the service side of their clients’ shipments. They came up with solutions for short and long term warehousing, and set realistic expectations with clients – all while mitigating the demurrage fees that were crippling so many freight forwarders.

If S-2 could create solutions in the middle of a pandemic, imagine what they can do for your freight forwarding operations today! Contact the Freight IQ experts at S-2 today to learn how they can help you take freight off your docks, and weight off your mind.

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