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More Than Just Shipping: S-2international's TOP Provides Customers with Cost-Effective Options

For many companies, navigating the nuances of shipping rates, varying schedules, and diverse product loads can present a challenge — but also an opportunity to streamline their shipping costs and processes, given the right tools and resources. Regardless of distance or size, the Transportation Optimization Platform (TOP) offered by S-2international is a superior source of information you'll need to achieve an affordable, timely, and quality delivery.

One Site. Many Options.  

The transportation professionals at S-2 put their industry-leading expertise — and their genuine care for customers — into providing cutting-edge resources and solutions to match shippers’ unique requirements. We develop personal relationships with each customer so we understand the specifications and nuances of each customer’s supply chain strategy and how transportation fits within that framework.

At S-2, our fundamental goal is to provide customized transportation solutions, whether the need is to move sensitive goods such as high security or damage prone materials, hot production parts, date specific deliveries  or anything else that needs to get from the client's facility to their consignee. TOP is a critical tool to put control of shipping decisions into our customer's hands. Designed as an aggregator, TOP's algorithms assess the relative services and values of dozens of major 3PLs and national and regional carriers, then optimizes and displays those results to match the customer's specifications. Clients can choose their best option even if it means choosing a different provider than S-2 for the job. 

Using TOP allows shippers to access the competitive rates and services for their needs without having to chase down and negotiate those options individually. S-2 includes their volume-leveraged rates with major carriers, and passes those savings on to their clients. 

Leverage the Industry Leader: S-2international

The challenges posed by today's shipping sector can be overwhelming. At S-2international, we take a proactive approach to remedying those challenges while providing unmatched managed transportation services:

  • S-2's proprietary negotiated freight rates compare favorably to those of competing 3PLs, and those rates are further enhanced by our dedication to service. While other “rate portals” allow customers to select from a variety of carriers, S-2's TOP includes other 3PL rates, direct carrier rates, and multiple modes of transport.  Unique to TOP is S-2’s team of professionals who review shipments booked through TOP to ensure accuracy of info and provide updates on key shipment milestones like pick up and delivery. When there is a hiccup, S-2 will advise its customers and assist in determining and implementing a remedy.

  • S-2 offers virtually unmatched solutions by leveraging its valuable land and air rates.

  • Domestically, S-2 has highly competitive heavyweight air cargo rates it shares with its customers. The rates, attractive dimensional factors, and guaranteed service options are a significant benefit to both small and large volume shippers and forwarders, allowing them to improve margins along with service.

  • In addition to TOP, S-2 has a variety of expedited ground, managed truckload, drayage, and white glove solutions. For importers, S-2 can recover freight at the ocean or airports, ensure freight matches with the MAWB, handle terminal fees, and provide cost-effective options to move freight inland to the final U.S. destination.

When challenges arise – and they do happen – S-2 responds with a commitment to proactive response. We review the details, we look for options to mitigate delays, and we put the best option into action. With all of S-2’s services, we track shipments and communicate to our customers from start to finish. This has allowed S-2 to become known as a leader in providing on-time, damage-free transportation solutions. 24 x7 customers can contact S-2 and maintain visibility to in-transit shipments.

Ease of Use = Peace of Mind

S-2's TOP enhances the company's already stellar service within this crowded industry market. It gathers all the details of each shipment into a single dashboard, where the platform's algorithms analyze them against the customer's needs and responds with LTL, heavyweight air, and small package shipping options. Clients can then evaluate their choices to make better-informed, optimized shipping decisions. Coming soon, customers will be able to evaluate additional modes including ground expedite and truckload, allowing for the best in modal optimization.

Contact S-2international today to learn more about how TOP can simplify your organization's shipping needs — and potentially save you money in the process.