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The S-2 Difference: TOP Technology + Top Notch Service

S-2 International's new Transportation Optimization Platform — TOP — is an innovative merger of logistics data and technology that gives our shipping customers total control over their product transportation options and decisions. We combine it with our top-notch dedication to service, giving you the leverage you need to succeed in today's upended freighting and product conveyance sector. Welcome to the fifth installment in our series exploring the unique benefits of TOP; read on to learn what makes this platform a one-of-a kind resource for all of your shipment sourcing needs.

A New Solution for Today's Transportation Management Challenges

As a small- or medium-sized business, you've probably experienced the shipping challenges that virtually crippled global supply chains throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You may also still be grappling with the resulting fallout of those disruptions as the international health crisis recedes. Recent surveys show that most organizations that ship goods or freight are now reporting fluctuating transportation costs, escalating or shrinking consumer demands, and product delivery performance issues arising from unreliable or inconsistent carriers. 

TOP alleviates these frustrations by giving you easy, comprehensive shipping options for any and every type of cargo. TOP is a total transportation management opportunity that is especially valuable to small- or mid-sized product shippers that may not have the volume leverage needed to command discounts or priority service. These producers typically ship smaller quantities at lower frequencies than their larger market competitors. Consequently, they may find themselves without convenient shipping options or facing transportation rates they can't afford. TOP provides resources that alleviate all these concerns.

Find the Best Option for Your Shipment

As a single source of data, TOP aggregates many modes of product transportation offered by hundreds of carriers through a single, easy-to-use portal. The algorithms analyze your data inputs to determine vehicle availability, volume estimates, rates, and delivery dates for your freighting project. It then provides an easy-to-read, fully transparent report summarizing all the shipping opportunities available for your specific cargo. You can make the best shipping decisions for your enterprise because you will have all the relevant information you need in one location.

Target Your Specific Shipping Choice

While access to aggregated data is valuable, you may prefer to segment your TOP activities based on the type or size of shipment and other specific needs. Some customers have a preferred carrier and will target their TOP inquiry to options offered by that enterprise. Others have a preferred mode of transportation and are seeking their best choice from among those providers. TOP coordinates and presents data for multiple modes of transportation.

Leverage Our Buying Power

With TOP, you can also benefit from S-2's significant leveraged buying power. We have negotiated highly competitive rates based on volumes and relationships with our carrier and 3PL base, and we pass those savings on to our customers. 

Freight Off Your Dock, Weight Off Your Shoulders

The most significant distinction between S-2's TOP and platforms offered by our competitors is that TOP shows all our competitor rates as well as our own — we are "rate agnostic." From our perspective, our customers make better decisions when given all the information they need, not just the data that serves a particular shipping provider. TOP presents all available rates from all available carriers, and our customers can choose any available option, even if it isn't from S2. 

When we developed TOP, we understood that we were giving our customers the opportunity to choose a different provider instead of S-2international. Even with so many options at their fingertips, customers often continue to choose to source shipments directly through S-2. Our comprehensive approach to managing shipments, our personalized attention, and top-notch customer service means we offer more than just a shipping option. This includes:

  • We put our heart into meeting our customer's needs, and we'll go the extra mile to ensure we achieve the highest level possible of customer satisfaction. 

  • We deliver a full slate of personal services to ensure your products and items arrive safely and securely at their destination. Our backend assistance is as valuable as our platform. 

  • From booking to tracking, the management of shipments sourced with S-2 is personal —  backed by humans to provide added support, guidance, and expertise.  

  • Our white-glove services include wrapping, strapping, constant surveillance, and even driver unpack and debris removal. We also ensure all shipping details are met, including freight requiring special handling or time-specific pickup or delivery.

  • We can track your product end to end, regardless of the mode or ultimate destination. You need only to contact our tracking department to find out where your shipment is and when it will be delivered. You can also track your shipment on-line, 24 hours a day.

  • We act as your service advocate, so if things go awry, you have an agent working for you to fix the problem. Our comprehensive billing and invoicing practices keep your organization on time and on budget.

At S-2international, we are so confident you'll love our advantages that we've made our system available to customers of all sizes and industries. Once you've seen its value, you can always contact us to access our dedicated personal services, as well. S-2 is a full-service transportation management partner, not just as an automated computer program or transactional provider.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will feature insights from Brian Lawson, our Vice President and General Manager, on the unique ways TOP is revolutionizing the way customers source shipments. In the meantime, call us today for a demonstration of TOP and to discuss how we can help you with your shipping needs.