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Beyond Shipping: Cost-Effective Solutions | S-2 International

S-2’s Less Than Truckload (LTL) management program stands as a pivotal component for small to mid-sized businesses whose shipping volume is too low to secure the kinds of discounted rates afforded to larger companies. As the name suggests, LTL shipping is a method used when a shipment does not fill an entire truck but still requires safe, reliable transportation. S-2 has made it their mission to simplify LTL shipping, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and provide an efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

This is the third article in our series exploring how S-2, a leader in transportation management, tackles the shipping challenges that businesses encounter on a daily basis. Each service offered by S-2 represents a chapter in our guide, delving into the common client challenges and showcasing the innovative solutions S-2 has built their reputation around. 

In this installment, we look at S-2's LTL management service. S-2 has designed their LTL services for businesses struggling with limited shipping volume, complex logistics landscapes, and the daunting task of managing multiple LTL carriers. We'll examine how S-2's expertise in leveraging our shipment volumes, comprehensive option visibility, compliance excellence, real-time issue resolution, and cost savings through diversification has made LTL shipping more accessible to their valued clients.


The LTL Conundrum: Limited Volume, Competitive Rates

The primary problem small to mid-sized companies encounter in the world of logistics is securing competitive shipping rates. Due to their limited shipping volume, they often struggle to negotiate favorable terms with carriers, or are limited in the number of options available to them for shipping their LTL freight. The volume they require does not justify the discounts offered to larger corporations, leaving them at a significant competitive disadvantage. S-2 recognizes this challenge and has developed an industry-leading solution to level the playing field.


The S-2 Solution: Leverage Volume Pricing for Better Rates

S-2's LTL management services empower their clients with limited shipping volume to access competitive rates. This is achieved through volume leverage with dozens of national and regional LTL carriers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Because of S-2’s shipping volumes they are able to consolidate their clients' shipping needs and negotiate on their behalf, thereby securing highly competitive rates. This allows small to mid-sized LTL shippers to compete effectively against their larger counterparts.


The Complexity of Options: Navigating the Logistics 

The logistics landscape is a maze of carriers and shipping options, each with its own intricacies and pricing structures. For businesses trying to find the best LTL shipping solution for their unique needs, this complexity can be overwhelming. This is where S-2's expertise shines.


Comprehensive Option Visibility: Informed Decision-Making

S-2 provides clients with full visibility into a wide array of LTL shipping options, offering not just a few choices, but options for a diverse range of carriers and even the services of S-2’s 3PL competitors. This allows clients to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget, ensuring they get the most suitable and cost-effective solutions available.


Savings Through Diversification

While cost savings are a significant benefit of S-2's LTL services, their approach goes beyond simply reducing expenses. By expanding clients' shipping options and providing information on various carriers, they enable clients to achieve savings of as much as 25% while maintaining the high quality of service they’ve come to expect from S-2. As part of this diversification, and through our TOP platform, shippers can also save through diversification of mode. Sometimes LTL may not be the optimal fit for a shipment due to size, time or sensitivity. Through TOP and with the assistance of their Logistics Specialists, S-2 can also optimize the mode for additional savings.


Compliance Excellence: Navigating the Regulatory Jungle

In today’s shipping landscape, compliance is non-negotiable. Shipping regulations are complex and ever-changing, making it crucial for businesses to stay compliant to avoid fines and delays. S-2 excels in ensuring compliance with shipping regulations, no matter the size of the load. S-2 helps clients navigate this complex regulatory system, ensuring that their shipments meet all requirements and avoid potential pitfalls. Working with S-2, customers can be assured that the carriers utilized are well-vetted, current with insurance, and have a history of quality service.


Standardization and Milestone Updates: Beyond the Basics

S-2's LTL services provide a standardization of service, which gives regular and return clients a consistent and reliable approach to shipping and freight management. 

But S-2 doesn’t stop there. They also provide milestone updates that give clients enhanced visibility into potential issues with their shipments. While LTL is not the optimal choice for time-specific delivery, S-2 understands that knowing when shipments are scheduled to deliver and/or if there is a delay in transit is important.  S-2’s LTL team provides a proactive approach to tracking all shipments, including LTL so that any hiccups are addressed and resolved, reducing the risk of shipping disruptions and providing peace of mind to clients.


Real-Time Issue Detection and Resolution

No matter what the mode of a shipment is, S-2 knows that issues can arise at any moment. Whether it's a delayed shipment, a damaged package, or any other unforeseen problem, S-2’s proactive approach to issue detection and resolution is a core principle of their business. S-2 employs advanced tracking and monitoring systems to detect and resolve issues in real time, and combine that technology with a team of highly-trained logistics specialists in order to minimize disruptions and keep shipments on track.



By leveraging volume for better rates, offering comprehensive option visibility, ensuring compliance, proactively monitoring shipments, and timely addressing of issues, S-2 streamlines LTL shipping operations for small to mid-sized businesses in need of an affordable and reliable shipping solution. 

Check back soon for the next article in our series where we’ll explore S-2's heavyweight air cargo services, and examine how S-2's efficiency, reliability, and global reach can transform your cargo transportation needs. If you want to learn more about S-2's comprehensive suite of services, see how they can streamline your logistics, or would like to schedule a demo, don't hesitate to reach out today.