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A Freight Forwarder’s Guide to Reliable Shipping

We’ve reached the fourth part in our exclusive series of articles for freight forwarders and 3PLs, explaining what it means to go beyond expedited shipping. We know that to stand out from competitors, deliveries need to be more than just fast; they need to arrive on time, in excellent condition, and be handed off with care. Working with the right PLM (Premium Logistics Management) partner creates savings and brings added value to shippers. 

With that in mind, in this article we are exploring the many and varied benefits of working with a single-source solution for reliable transportation management. As well as access to time-sensitive shipping options and exclusive use vehicles, what else can freight forwarders and 3PLs get from working with a company like S-2international? Here are just a few of the key reasons S-2 is trusted by so many freight forwarders.

A Single Source Solution

The most popular aspect of partnering with S-2international is that a single call (or email)  can connect you with all the solutions you need for any shipping situation. This is especially important when dealing with complex deliveries, time-sensitive shipments, or goods that need white glove treatment. Getting goods where they need to be on time is about more than customer satisfaction — it can even be the difference between life and death. The FDA is currently pumping money into a beleaguered medical supply chain, but without expert logistics providers on the ground, critical medical supplies and equipment may arrive late or without the proper handling or monitoring.

Regardless of industry, without a reliable transportation management partner freight forwarders and 3PLs have to manage all these aspects of shipments themselves: 

  • In-depth and accurate vetting of carriers; quick on-boarding of vetted carrier
  • Spot sourcing of carriers for optimal mode and pricing
  • Ensuring proactive tracking for in-transit visibility and monitoring
  • Anticipating and sourcing for additional services such as constant surveillance, driver assist etc.
  • Dealing with customs clearance and other regulatory paperwork for cross-border shipments
  • Confirming extra care is taken handling fragile or high-value freight
  • Arranging communications with all parties including shipper, consignee, and carrier
  • Setting expectations around delivery and pick up times and ensuring all parties adhere to them
  • Dealing with ad hoc issues and delays

The time it takes to make all these arrangements and coordinate all the moving parts is significant and ongoing. Alternatively, forwarders and 3PLs can place a single call to S-2international, who will handle all these factors and more with proactive and expert care.

Fast Response Time

As well as being a single point of contact, S-2 has a commitment with its partners to respond to inquiries in real-time. S-2’s goal is to provide a response to quote and/or booking requests within 15 minutes, and tracking milestone updates are pushed to customers every four hours. On-line tracking and booking is also available. Whatever your concern or situation, imagine the ease of being able to clear it off your plate with total confidence that an experienced Logistics Specialist will be handling all the details for you. When a challenge occurs — and they do — S-2’s internal performance indicators are based on a team member providing proactive communication and proposed solution(s), providing you with complete peace of mind. No surprises. That is our goal.

Great Relationships

The most effective partnerships are based on excellent working relationships. S-2 gets to know its customers well, ensuring the team understands every requirement so they can provide custom offerings. There is never a “one size fits all” service — we will always provide exactly what you need at the best value. 

As well as us getting to know you, our carriers know us very well, too! They know that we expect the absolute highest level of service, especially from specialists who provide additional handling or security assistance. Shared, understood expectations lead to smooth, successful shipments, time after time. 

S-2 speaks freight forwarders’ and 3PLs’ language. When you come to us with an issue, our high level of experience means we’ve almost definitely dealt with it or something like it before. You don’t need to explain it multiple times — our team sets to work immediately sourcing the solutions for you.

Business Development and Logistics Specialists

When you partner with S-2international, you gain access to a Business Development Specialist (BDS) and Logistics Specialist who will look after your account and ensure your organization has everything it needs to meet the requirements of even the most demanding shippers. Your dedicated specialists will actively orchestrate every aspect of your shipments, from the initial call to delivery. Your S-2 team ensures the right carriers are always on hand for your shipping needs. Your BDS will help you through regular needs assessments and service-matching.

Reliability Equals Quality

All these aspects are how we create service with heart, genuinely caring for our customers and the carriers we work with. S-2 is an arrow, not a boomerang — we hit the mark time after time so you don't have to worry about issues landing back on your desk. We deal with everything and keep you updated every step of the way. 

Our technology has granted us the ability to create a virtual fleet tied in electronically to our internal systems. We leverage state-of-the-art transportation management software to match customers with high-quality, vetted carriers that are rewarded for loyalty and excellent service. Our technology provides us with minute-to-minute capacity information, allowing us to fill trucks with high efficiency or provide exclusive use vehicles where appropriate. This makes us highly reliable, providing a quality of service that will impress your direct shippers and help you cut through the noise in a crowded logistics market. Our newest offering is an extension of our dynamic systems, allowing forwarders and 3PLs to access expedite, heavyweight air, and LTL rates, optimizing each shipment for service-level and price.

In our next article, we’ll be looking at how freight forwarders and 3PLs can mitigate supply chain-related risks. In the meantime, if you want more information on partnering with an expert in reliable shipping solutions, contact S-2international and talk to a member of our friendly team.