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Cut Shipping Costs Without Cutting Quality with S-2's Focus on Freight IQ

When you partner with S-2, you're not just hiring a shipping or logistics service – you're gaining a strategic collaborator. S-2 empowers you to think beyond conventional transportation solutions. Their team of Freight IQ experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex logistics landscape. They work with you to identify opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, and risk mitigation, all while ensuring your products reach their destination safely and on time.

As we've seen throughout this series, S-2 believes that transportation management is more than just moving goods from point A to point B; it's about harnessing the power of innovation and expertise to navigate the ever-evolving complexities of the supply chain. S-2's commitment to Freight IQ – the strategic application of human knowledge combined with cutting-edge technology to optimize freight transportation – transforms logistics challenges into opportunities by maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In this fifth installment of our six-part series on how S-2 employs Freight IQ as a pivotal piece in revolutionizing the shipping industry, we delve into how S-2's dedication to Freight IQ empowers customers to optimize their transportation sourcing for enhanced profitability. We’ll look at several examples of creative solutions made possible by S-2’s Freight IQ experts and their access to industry-leading technology tools, and how they help to save S-2’s customers both time and money.


Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs with S-2

S-2’s commitment to Freight IQ extends far beyond cost reduction and enhanced profitability. They believe that no two shipments are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it. By leveraging technological innovation with their extensive knowledge, S-2 offers you opportunities to explore innovative solutions that might have seemed out of reach before. This blend of technology and human expertise creates a ripple effect of excellence throughout your supply chain, raising the bar for your entire operation.


Let's dive into some practical examples of how S-2's Freight IQ empowers customers to optimize their transportation sourcing.


Airport Recoveries and Mode Optimization 

Consider a scenario where you have freight arriving at an airport. Freight IQ comes into play when S-2 coordinates the most economical and safest ways to recover this cargo, factoring in storage fees and consignee delivery needs. 

It may be necessary to creatively coordinate the pickup using a local cottage agent, followed by transferring the freight to an LTL provider. This approach minimizes storage fees without the need for a dedicated truck for the entire journey.

In cases where time allows, S-2 might opt for an LTL provider to perform the pickup and final delivery, further reducing costs. However, such decisions must be carefully calculated and managed to avoid service failures and excessive storage costs along the way. Without the Freight IQ approach, a simplistic solution could lead to unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, understanding airport requirements, documentation, and handling fees is crucial. Clear and precise communication with the carrier picking up the freight at the airport ensures smooth operations and avoids service failures that could incur significant costs. S-2’s highly trained team, empowered by Freight IQ, are experts at this kind of timely and meticulous communication.  


Special Handling and Liftgate Services

Another scenario involves shipments requiring special handling or liftgate services at the origin or destination. Freight IQ allows S-2 to find creative solutions that offer the required services without the cost of a specialized unit for the entire transportation process. 

For instance, if a shipment fits in a cargo van but requires a liftgate at the pickup, S-2 can plan to transload and cross-dock the freight onto a smaller unit, reducing the per-mile cost compared to using a liftgate truck for the entire trip. This simple and cost-effective approach significantly lowers shipment costs and generates substantial savings for you.



S-2’s dedication to enhancing efficiency through mode and capacity optimization ensures that every shipment is treated with the exacting attention it deserves, resulting in improved profitability for you, their customer. S-2 understands that no two shipping challenges are alike, and the best solutions are garnered through employing their signature combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise. 

The examples we've explored, from airport recoveries to specialized handling and liftgate services, illustrate how Freight IQ enables S-2 to think outside the box and devise innovative solutions. By considering every angle and leveraging their extensive network and knowledge, S-2 consistently finds ways to drive down costs and increase efficiency, all while maintaining the highest standards of service and quality.

Take advantage of S-2's Freight IQ expertise to optimize your transportation sourcing by contacting S-2 today. We’ll be happy to provide more information or to arrange a demo of our Transportation Optimization Portal so you can discover for yourself how our collaborative approach, powered by Freight IQ, can transform your shipping operations.

In our next and final article of this series, we'll explore the future of Freight IQ. We'll provide insights into what S-2 is working on to advance its technology and human capital, giving you a glimpse of what's on the horizon for the transportation management industry. Stay tuned for the conclusion to our journey through the world of Freight IQ and shipping innovation with S-2.