Welcome to S-2's football pool!

To register, CLICK HERE, which will direct you to the CBS Sports Fantasy Login Page. You will input your email address and create your own personal password which you will then use to login with. While registering, you will need the following league password, S2hasheart.

Once registered you will choose a winner from each pro football game played within that week (Thursday-Monday), as well as the total points for the Monday night game, in case a tie-breaker is needed.

The winner for that week will receive a $10 gift card to a chain restaurant. All those that participate will also enter to win a random drawing, regardless of success in picks, at the end of the season. The grand prize will be a $100 gift card and some cool S-2 swag!


• Pool includes all pro games.
• Ties go to player with closest total points for MNF game.
• Players who do not make picks, will receive one fewer point than the player who had the lowest correct picks score for the week.

• All Games will lock one hour before the scheduled start of the day's first game. For example, if there is a Thursday night game and a member did not make a selection, they would still be able to make selections for the remaining games. Please note - pool member's selections will only be displayed in the 'View All' picks section for games that have locked.

• $0.00 entry fee, this is a no stakes league.